Your Guide to Eczema & Fixing it Once and For All!

If you or someone you know has been affected by eczema than this will be all too real for you.

The redness.. the splitting skin.. the severe debilitating itch.. the pain.. the bleeding... did I mention the itch?  Ugh.. its the worst. At times it feels like even your clothes touching it is painful.. even cringe worthy.

Eczema otherwise known as Atopic Dermatitis (aka angry skin from hell) is said to have no cure. While it is found commonly in children, it can affect people at any age regardless of gender or ethnicity. It can be mild for some cases and debilitating for others- and can be hereditary. 

For myself personally, it was more on the severe end of the spectrum. At one time the only part of my body that wasn't covered in patches of eczema was my feet and upper back. it was literally everywhere. My hands being the most severe, then my legs, arms, torso and even my face & scalp.

It affected every part of my daily living. Both as a child and young adult I was constantly self conscious. My skin looked gross, I was always in pain and cuts and splits were always getting infected. I spent summer days in long pants and long sleeve shirts to avoid the glares and stares when out in public. I never wore shorts.. I always tried to hide my skin. 

We saw doctors and specialists who would recommend cutting out dairy and adding a long list of antibiotics for infection and corticosteroid creams to help minimize symptoms. There was no cure, just creams and ointments to try to lessen the blow. 

After decades of trying failed methods, and continuous suffering I began researching eczema, root causes and how I could take control and heal my skin without harmful chemicals and non stop medications....

Find our Eczema guide launched on in 2021