About Us!


Thanks for being here.

It means the world to me that you're here, reading about us. Sudz began back in 2017 after years of battling eczema and feeling really left out of all the fun bath & body products available. I couldn't dream of using fun smelling body washes, scrubs or soaps without my skin flaring up and being covered in hives. 

Throughout the years I began making my own soaps so I could control every ingredient being used. I was able to create soaps and body products that were eczema friendly, while also nourishing & fun to use. 

From there I fell head over heels for the Niagara small business community. I connected with so many kind and talented people across Canada who, like me, have a passion for pure & simple beauty and skincare- and now I am hooked!

What began as a simple journey for myself has exploded into creating more & more products, and carrying products from all my favorites like 2 Have and 2 Hold, FK Bombs, Unwrapped Life, Lip Service Beauty & Blume. This is a one stop shop for all the goodies you need to live your very best life!

I would love to connect and learn more about you- be sure to say hi!


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