Naturally Focused Living

Why choose naturally focused?

We have been asked many times why we choose naturally focused ingredients in our recipes, so we figured we would answer it right here on our store.

In our opinion, our bodies are incredible things! We found that when we live a life immersed in harmful chemicals and toxics like cleaning products and the harmful chemicals added into our foods- our bodies react negatively.

This can present itself in things like skin conditions, allergies, digestive upsets, anxiety, headaches, and an overall feeling of sluggishness and upset.

By making an effort to reduce the chemicals and toxins in our lifestyle- our body can then focus on all the miraculous things it does like live, breath and flourish! It can work to fight off illness, and maintain a healthy balance!

Remember, the largest organ in our body is our SKIN and its often the first place our body shows us something is "off". Everything we put on our skin is absorbed into our body, so we want to make a conscious effort to use high quality products that nourish our body and not harm it. 

Sudz xo

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