Product Info & Disclaimer

Thanks so much for supporting handmade!

Our products are made with love and both research and testing are put into every product we create. 

We love what we do and we hope you do too! 

Please note that by purchasing our products, you agree with the following:

- Due to the nature of our products we don't offer refunds or exchanges. If for whatever reason you have purchased an incorrect scent, please reach out to us at and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

-We are not liable for any liability, claim, damage or otherwise from the use of or products.  We will always offer suggested use and precautionary information and are not responsible for improper use or damage caused from negligence. As with any product- you should always do a patch test to check for sensitivities.

- We make handmade items in small batches. No two batches will be identical. Please be aware that colour and other variances can happen. Our products are imperfectly perfect.

- Our products do not make any medical claim and do not cure any diseases or ailments.

- Our products are not all 100% natural so we do not make that claim. Many products require an emulsifier or antibacterial agent to prevent things from going "bad". This prevents infections and is absolutely necessary. That being said, we source the most natural ones possible and use the base of what is required to ensure a safe product- often less than 1%.

- Allergic reactions can occur even with naturally focused products. Be aware of your allergies and always do a patch test.

- Oils can make tub/shower slippery. Use caution. Always use bath bombs in a clean, damage free tub. Tubs with unclean areas, oils, scratches or otherwise can stain. This is most often removed with vinegar and a rinse however severely damaged or unclean tubs may stain deeper.