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PH Friendly Bath Bombs

PH Friendly Bath Bombs

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Immerse yourself in relaxation with the perfect bath bomb. Fuzziness colorful action, soft skin and naturally scented for no irritation! Water soluble colorants are vibrant and leave no residue! These bombs are formulated with sensitive skin in mind and are fragrance free, containing only 100% pure essential oils- no added perfumes.

We call these the Happy V Bombs because they won't cause the irritation and imbalance to your lady parts that other Bombs can! Formulated with your lady parts in mind!

 Refresh (blue)- For clearing sinuses, aches & pains with Peppermint, Eucalyptus & Ginger 

Release (orange)- For Anxiety, Stress & Tension with Sage, Sweet Fennel, Mint & Cardamom

Boost (yellow)-For Energy, Positivity & Happiness with Orange, Vanilla and Mint.

Energize (white with sparkle)- For Awakening, Uplifting & Focus with Lemon, Tangerine & Lime. 

Purple- Limited Edition Vanilla Mint


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